Prepare for the rain!

If you come from a city where it doesn’t rain so much, the rainy season in Japan may catch you by surprise. During June and July, is the japanese rainy season, in which you must be always ready with your umbrella at all times, because you never know when it will start.


Actually, if you see the weather forecast, you can know in advance if there is a chance of rain, but sometimes there can be rain without previous notice. And, it will take just a 2 blocks walk to get you completely wet. If you are on a bicycle, you need to be more careful. Some japanese people often ride their bicycles with one hand holding their umbrellas, but that can be a little bit dangerous. Is better to wear a raincoat, so you have your hands free and your clothes won’t get wet!

With our raincoats!

With our raincoats!

So, if you are planning to come to Japan around this time and don’t have an umbrella, we strongly recommend you buy one. They are sold everywhere! You can find cheap ones from ¥ 525 or more expensive ones. Also, the raincoats can be found in Hyakuen Stores and in other more expensive stores (the quality will be better, off course).

One more thing you need to know is that, the same way that the rain starts with no notice (often accompanied with thunderstorms), it can suddenly stop and a bright sun will appear. We love our umbrellas, they are little, but colorful!




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