Inujima Island

Inujima is an island located in Okayama that has a population of 50 people and to get to it, you have to take a little ferry from Hōden, to the island.  If you like contemporary art, is a place you must see.

The port of Inujima

The port of Inujima

There is a Museum, part of the Inujima Art Project, which combines the heritage and tradition of the island, architecture and art, in harmony with the environment. The Inujima Art Project is a rehabilitation project of the island, thanks to the Benesse Corporation. Many years ago, the island had a plant which used to be used for copper refinery.


If you go this year, all along the island, you will find different artworks from various artists, as part of the Setouchi Triennale modern art festival. This is a contemporary art festival held every three years on many islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

By Haruka Kojin

By Haruka Kojin

Inujima island is very small, so it’s easy to explore it by foot and see all the artworks in one day. It’s a very peaceful place, and, if you want, you can also stay for the night, but check the availability because there are not many hostels around. Also, there are few restaurants.

Restaurant and mini shop of the Museum

Restaurant and mini shop of the Museum

Despite this, it’s a nice place to go for a weekend, get a little disconnected and relax in front of the dark-sand beach.



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