Hello, my name is Megumi Kudzuma and, despite my japanese name, I`m from Lima, Peru. I am 23 years old and  I`m nikkei yonsei (4th generation), which is, a person whose greatgrandparents were born in Japan, then went to Peru and started to live there.

This are my parents and me!

This are my parents and me in Peru!

I always thought Japan was a country very far away (it is, in fact) and I would someday go, but didn`t know that day was so close. Actually, before planning to come to Japan, I couldn`t speak japanese, so I had 4 months before coming to learn all the grammar and vocabulary I could.

I finished my university studies in 2011 and graduated from Service Management. Before coming to Japan, I was working at a digital advertisement agency, in Social Media. Now, I`m living in Okayama, a city located in the south of Japan and I`m learning about design in Chugoku Design College.

Printing classes

Printing classes

Considering that Japan is on the opposite side of the world from Peru, they are two very different countries. Customs, people, food and even the weather. I`m not used to walk under the rain with an umbrella one day and under a really hot bright sun the next.

Under the rain!

Under the rain!

Living in Japan is easy when you understand how to move and where to go, which is why we decided to do this project. There are many interesting things and facts we would like to share during this trip. Also, if you are living alone for the first time, and in another country, this might be helpful too.

My two hobbies are photography and writing. So I will really enjoy writing for this blog, sharing all kinds of things about Japan. If you have questions or things you would like to know about japanese lifestyle, please leave a comment so we can write about it.





2 responses to “Megumi

  1. Hola Megu! Ir a Nihon es mi tarea pendiente, aprender nihongo también 😛 Que la sigas pasando genial! Desde esta parte del planeta te leeremos! Un abrazo! : )

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