Hey, guys! Nice to meet you… I am Shimizu Suemi! I’m 23 years old and was born in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I graduated in Industrial Design, Visual Programming (Graphic Design) from Mackenzie University.

In Brazil, I work at a design and communication studio with Italian roots, where the main focus is creation of institutional spaces.

I’m living in Okayama, Chugoku region, and I’ll stay here until October. Me and Megumi are studying in Chugoku Design College as a part of Okayama Prefectural Overseas Technical Trainees Aid Program.

Okayama Jo

Japan is an amazing country! The Japanese people are very polite and dedicated. I really appreciate it! Their religions and beliefs, traditions, customs, architecture and especially the food, made me very fan of this country. Every place is unique!

And I dedicate every moment in memory of my father, who I hope to be looking at me proudly! Miss you everyday! がんばろう!

This is the best experience of my entire life!

We hope you enjoy our trip and make it useful for your life too!


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